What is the difference between MB-IPB, MMA-IPB, and SB-IPB?

The MB-IPB (IPB Management and Business Postgraduate Program) is the result of the elevation of MMA-IPB (Magister Management of IPB Agribusiness). After being elevated, MB-IPB does not only hold a postgraduate program in Strata-2, namely a Masters in Management, but also holds a postgraduate program in Strata-3, which is the Doctor of Business Management which is commonly abbreviated as DMB. In 2015, MMA-IPB was re-elevated to become IPB Business School (SB-IPB). Not only organizing the Postgraduate Program but also the Bachelor of Business Program.

When was the MMA Program held?

MMA-IPB was established in 1991, which is a Masters program in Agribusiness Management at the Graduate School of IPB, and is also a pioneer in organizing post-graduate programs in Agribusiness Management in Indonesia. With the passage of time, after 15 years of work MMA-IPB was levied into MB-IPB which was entrusted to hold the Business Management Doctoral Program on April 1, 2006 which was immediately inaugurated by President R.I. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, MA.

What are the requirements to become a student at SB-IPB?

In principle, the registration requirements for prospective Master in Management (MM) participants are to graduate from S1 and take an admission test. The technical requirements can be seen in the MM-IPB registration information. As for the Business Management Doctoral Program (DMB-IPB), prospective participants must graduate from S2 and then take the admission test. Other requirements can be seen in the DMB-IPB registration information.

Does SB-IPB accept students with bachelor’s degrees from non-economics majors?

Both the S2 (MM) and S3 (DMB) programs in the MB-IPB graduate program can accept prospective students from various disciplines, this is because management and business are categorized into multiple disciplines. Therefore, to provide the basics of knowledge and equalization of perceptions, before entering into lectures one must follow the matriculation for the S2 or Pre Doctoral Course for S3.

Is the MM-IPB admission period more than once a year?

Yes. Within a year the MM program opens 2 times student admissions and organizes admission tests for day classes and evening classes, which are each period in March and August. More details can be seen in the MM academic calendar.

What about the acceptance of DMB students?

Acceptance of the Doctoral Program or DMB-IPB is only done once a year where new classes start in the October period. As for the Admission Test, it is carried out twice a year, every March and August period. More details can be seen in the DMB academic calendar.

How much does the MM program study until graduation?

The fee required to attend the MM-IPB program depends on which class is chosen. For morning classes the tuition fee is Rp. 70,000,000, – for evening classes Rp. 90,000,000. The fee applies from the first semester of college to graduation, including the cost of matriculation.

How much does it cost to study the DMB program until graduation?

The total cost of education per participant is IDR 185 million. Tuition fees can be paid towards the beginning of the lecture every semester

How to pay?

Both for MM and DMB, payment of academic activity fees can be done in stages, namely every quarter for MM and every semester for DMB.

How long can education in MM be completed?

For Day classes, it can be completed 21 months, with details of 3 months of matriculation, 12 months (4 quarters) of lectures, completion of a 6-month thesis. Whereas the evening class can be completed 24 months, with details of 3 months of matriculation, 15 months (5 quarters) of lectures, completion of a thesis 6 months

What about the length of education in the DMB Program?

The DMB program can be completed in three years, with details of 3 months pre doctoral course, 18 months of lectures (semesters 1 to 3 meters) and research for 18 months (semers 4-6).

What is the selection process for the Business Management Doctoral Program – IPB?

The selection process is divided into two stages:

  1. File Selection (all file requirements will be recap), then
  2. Interview Phase (the results of the recapitulation requirements will be given to the interview team and will be used as material during the interview selection

Does SB-IPB have a Representative Office in Jakarta?

At present we don’t have a representative office in Jakarta

If I first take the MM Program in the day class and then want to transfer to the evening class, can I do it? If possible, what is the payment procedure?

Yes, the procedure at the beginning of the course costs to follow the fees for the day class, when moving to the evening class the fees follow the fees for the evening class.

When do MM classes begin (day and evening) and in 1 year is there only one admission?

Organizing classes at MM, divided into two: Day Classes and Evening Classes are held twice a year which lectures in May and October.

For evening classes, are there any classes that are held specifically on Saturdays only?

The evening class is divided into two classes: Bogor evening Classes are held every Monday to Thursday at 18:30 – 22:00  WIB in the SB-IPB Building, Jl.Raya Pajajaran-Bogor, while the Jakarta Evening Classes are held in the afternoon at 18:30 – 22:00 WIB on the day of Thursday and Friday at Bulog Education and Training Building, Jl. Kuningan Timur Blok M 2 No. 5, South Jakarta and Saturday at 08.00-16.15 WIB at the SB-IPB Bogor Building.

Can the monthly installments be paid for MM?

There are two payment alternatives, namely stages or semesters