Bustanul Arifin, Prof. Dr. Ir.

ID SINTA -6171890

Analisis ekonomi pertanian Indonesia

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Spektrum Kebijakan Pertanian Indonesia

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Pembangunan pertanian: paradigma kebijakan dan strategi revitalisasi

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Ekonomi Politik dan Kebijakan Publik

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Diagnosis Ekonomi Politik Pangan dan Pertanian

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RajaGrafindo Persada
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Institutional constraints and opportunities in developing environmental service markets: lessons from institutional studies on RUPES in Indonesia

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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
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On the competitiveness and sustainability of the Indonesian agricultural export commodities

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On the Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Indonesian Agricultural …
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A conjoint analysis of farmer preferences for community forestry contracts in the Sumber Jaya Watershed, Indonesia

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Pengelolaan sumberdaya alam Indonesia: perspektif ekonomi, etika, dan praksis kebijakan

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Global sustainability regulation and coffee supply chains in Lampung Province, Indonesia

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Farmer preferences for coffee certification: A conjoint analysis of the Indonesian smallholders

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Ekonomi swasembada gula Indonesia

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Ekonomi Kelembagaan Pangan

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Supply-chain of natural rubber in Indonesia

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Ekonomi pembangunan pertanian

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From remarkable success stories to troubling present: The case of BULOG in Indonesia

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Overview on poultry sector and HPAI situation for Indonesia with special emphasis on the Island of Java-background paper

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Pangan dalam Orde Baru

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The effects of ICT adoption on marketing capabilities and business performance of Indonesian SMEs in the fashion industry

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Singkarak: combining environmental service markets for carbon and watershed functions

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Community Forest Management as a Carbon Mitigation Option: Case studies …
19 2006