SB-IPB Undergraduate Students donated 1000 Hand Sanitizers

Sharingyuk_co is a forum for online donations or fundraising (crowdfunding) for campaigns and social programs. Sharingyuk_co is a community activity of students who are currently studying undergraduate lectures at the IPB University Business School who are concerned about the condition of Indonesia which is currently being worried about the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. Sharingyuk_co saw an economic weakening due to the Covid-19 outbreak felt by informal sector workers and MSME players. Their fate is getting worse because of the PSBB policy and coupled with the decline in people’s purchasing power amid the pandemic. Last April, Sharingyuk_co helped the government prevent the spread of covid-19 through the 1000 hand sanitizer program for workers outside the home of us who are #DirumahAja. Seeing the condition of the City of Bogor and Jakarta, in this month of Ramadan, Sharingyuk_co is holding a social program to help revive the #berbagibangkitekonomi economy by empowering MSMEs by distributing direct assistance to informal sector workers who can turn the wheels of the economy, especially at the lowest levels of society such as buying packages basic food assistance from small stalls, ordering packaged rice from warteg and involving online motorcycle taxis in the distribution of assistance that will revive the community’s economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of the fundraising that has been collected from #sobatberbagi will be managed by Sharingyuk_co whose output is in the form of 1000 packages of groceries, 1500 packages of takjil, and 600 packaged rice aimed at helping informal workers such as street vendors, casual workers and motorcycle taxi drivers in Tanah Sereal and Bubulak area, Bogor City and Cililitan, East Jakarta. Apart from making donations, #sobatberbagi can also spread the Sharingyuk_co social project through social media accounts so that more people will know about this donation platform, and Sharingyuk_co opens registration for MSME business actors affected by Covid-19 so they can be helped.