This program is a non-degree program organized by SB-IPB as a new core business. SB-IPB has conducted various training and management and business training and consultancy activities with various government and private agencies.

Some of the collaborations that have been carried out include the Government of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Bank Panin, Bank Bukopin, PT. Charoen Pokphan Indonesia and others are implemented in the form of training, workshops, and business seminars. The Executive Development Program Program in its implementation will continue to involve and coordinate with related units in IPB in accordance with their functions, potential and competence. The material or substance of the implementation of the Executive Development Program is tailored to the needs and desired competencies in the scope of management and business. Topics / materials and methods are designed oriented towards strategic integration and insight. The material provided in addition to those related to increasing ability that is reliable in hard skills is also given material relating to the development of soft skills capabilities, which are expected to support the mastery of the area of ​​responsibility. The method used can be conventional (face to face participants and instructors), as well as simulation methods, SOLAR (Sharing of Learning Activities and Results), presentations and practice questions / discussion of cases that are considered up to date and relevant to the material discussed. In addition to sharpening technical insights, field visits are also one of the methods used in the Executive Development Program.


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