In the beginning,   School of Business IPB was named Magister Management of Agrisbisnis IPB or well known as MMA-IPB. MMA-IPB already has an Alumni Association called the Association of Masters in Agribusiness Management Alumni (IAMMA). IAMMA was established on September 25, 1999 in Bogor at the MMA-IPB Alumni I National Conference. The forerunner of IAMMA-IPB is Bogor Agricultural University Master of Agribusiness Management Master’s Alumni Association (HAMMAGRI-IPB) which was founded on September 29, 1995 at the MMA-IPB Campus. Along with the dynamics of a fast-growing business environment characterized by technological advances, globalization, competition and high complexity, it required professionals at a conceptual level in the field of management and business, so IPB has elevated MMA-IPB to become a Postgraduate Program in Management and Business – Bogor Agricultural University ( MB-IPB) with a new mandate offers a doctoral program in business management.

After MB-IPB succeeded in producing graduates who took part in various fields by occupying top and key positions, IPB again elevated MB-IPB to become IPB Business School (SB-IPB) with the additional mandate of organizing a business undergraduate program to educate young people to become educated entrepreneurs . Thus, SB-IPB has the mandate to hold multi-strata programs, namely S1 Bachelor of Business, Master of Business Masters and Doctor of Doctor of Business.

Against this background, IAMMA again transformed into the Bogor Agricultural University Business School Alumni Association (HA SB-IPB). HA-SB-IPB was established in Bogor on May 21, 2016, at the MUNAS I event for SB-IPB alumni. The SB-IPB HA Secretariat Office is located in the SB-IPB Building Complex.