Carrying out of the Tri Dharma principles, School of Business-IPB University has continously establish cooperation and partnership with various stakeholders. Several partners who have cooperated with SB-IPB are Government, either national level or local (provinces, cities and regencies level), SOEs (BUMN) and private companies as well. The cooperation conducted by SB-IPB generally divided into two large groups, i.e degree and non degree program. The degree program conducted by implementing special classes (MM executive class). Several classes that have been implemented such as Human Resource Management and Public Sector Management with the Government of DKI Jakarta, Public Sector Management with PT. ISM Bogasari Flour Mills, Public Sector Management with Siak Regency Government, Land Management for staff in National Land Agency (BPN) and Logistics Management in cooperation with National Bureau of Logistics (Bulog).


Besides of the cooperation in degree program, SB-IPB has also organizes partnership through non-degree activities in order to expand networking and prospective students. The cooperation commonly in business development and consultancy with various agencies and companies. Several non-degree cooperation that has been conducted by SB-IPB including Formulation Study of Fruits Development Policy in West Java; Preparation of Urban Agriculture Master Plan in DKI Jakarta; Study of Rice Processing Complex (RPC) Management in Riau Province; monitoring and evaluation of livestock development; Road Map of Siak Regency’s Food Crops; Preparation of Development Planning of Strategic and Rapid Growing Regional (Industrial Area) in Pasir Regency; Overview of Agricultural Development and Projected Demand of Indonesian Fertilizer until 2015; Business Consultation regarding Role and Contribution of Pulp and Paper of PT. Indah Kiat, Sinarmas Plant Forest toward Regional and Socioeconomic Development of Riau Province; Formulation of Management Training Module for SMEs and Implementation of Business Development Support for SMEs; Research Study of Role and Contribution of Pulp and Paper Industry of PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. and PT. Arara Abadi on Economic and Regional Development of Riau Province; competitive agricultural products award in 2014; review of strategic agricultural plan design; evaluation of agro-industrial cluster development; and formulation of agricultural household welfare analysis.


Some of other partnerships that also have been done are as follow:

  • National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas)
  • Government of DKI Jakarta (Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Livestock, Department of Marine and Fisheries, Bureau of Economic Administration, and Regional Development Planning Agency)
  • Government of Riau Province (Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), Government of Dumai City, Government of Bengkalis Regency, Government of Tembilahan Regency
  • Government of Pasir Regency, East Kalimantan Province
  • Bank BTPN
  • PT. Sinarmas
  • Directorate of PPHP, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) IPB University
  • Directorate General of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry
  • Statistics Indonesia (BPS)

Professional Class to improve the soft skills and hard skills of employees based on the work in each company such as Bulog, BPN, Government of DKI Jakarta, Siak-Riau Government, and Management Development Program of PT. Godrej and Bank Bukopin as well.

Furthermore, SB-IPB is not only build partnerships in business fields but also develope networking with international community. SB-IPB currently has an excellent international cooperation network with ACIAR, USAID and within ABEST21 network as well which consisting of Asian and European countries. Several universities that currently work together in education field including Adelaide University and Queensland University, Australia; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; Indiana University, Ohio University and University of Illinois, USA; and Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands.



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