The School of Business IPB University Student Representative Council (DPM SB IPB) is a high-ranking institution which has the highest legislative power in the area of ​​IPB’s Business School. In carrying out its duties, DPM SB IPB has three functions, namely the legislative function, the budget function, and the supervisory function.


To be the highest level of Business School organization that is able to carry out all of its functions properly.


  1. Design and set school rules that are appropriate to the business school environment.
  2. Maintain synergy and harmonization between student organizations in the School of Business.
  3. Accommodate and convey the aspirations of Business School students to the parties concerned.


  1. Legislation function: This function states that DPM is a student body that is authorized to make laws.
  2. Budget Function: This function states that DPM has the authority in determining the budget of student organizations together with other FIs.
  3. Oversight Function: This function states that DPM as the highest ranking organization must monitor the performance of other organizations when it has received output from the budget function.


  1. Legislation Commission: Serves as a regulator in SB IPB
  2. External Internal Commission: Functioning to maintain internal and external relations of DPM SB IPB
  3. Supervision Commission: Conduct supervision of institutions in SB IPB and accommodate the appreciation of students of SB IPB
  4. Finance Commission: Control the financial institutions in SB IPB
  5. Daily Management Agency: Coordinates with SB IPB and IPB parties

Work program

  1. Daily Management Board
  2. Pemira
  3. Colleagues
  4. Legislation commission
  5. General assembly
  6. Special session
  7. Mid-year trial
  8. External Internal Commission
  9. Comparative Study
  10. Upgrading
  11. Oversight Commission
  12. Collection of student aspirations

IG: @dpmsbipb