ABEST (Association of Business and Entrepreneurship Student) is a new organization for the IPB Business School. This organization is a Professional Student Association (Himpro) IPB Business School. This Himpro has the aim of developing the potential of SB IPB students from the professional side of business consultants and entrepreneurs.

  1. Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring activities are sharing activities and business development of the management of ABEST SB IPB, both those who have run or do not have their own businesses. The output of Business Mentoring is that the management can own the business according to their interests and can develop the business they have. Business Mentoring is divided into several business categories according to the interests of each board. These categories include Food and Beverage, Fashion, Sociopreneur, Property, Import Export, and so on.

  1. Business Class

Business Class is an activity that contains material exposure by practitioners who are competent in their fields. Completion of this material will be followed by workshops or training related to the material discussed in the previous session. Business Class will be held routinely once in two months with several diverse themes, such as business branding, culinary business, technopreneurs, creative industries, and so on.

  1. Business Day

Business Day is a bazaar activity at IPB’s School of Business with the aim of marketing and promoting businesses owned by students of the IPB School of Business program. Business Day was held on Saturday, at the IPB Business School. This work program is useful in training SB IPB students to do business directly and sustainably. Based on the thinking of the academic community and the desires of the SB IPB students themselves, Business Day provides a climate and market for SB IPB students to sell their products and services and also open opportunities for relationships with customers. The potential target market in this activity is the Postgraduate students of IPB Business School who have a lecture schedule on Saturdays.

  1. Pop Up Market

ABEST has a practical business education and learning activity through the Pop Up Market program. This activity consists of several series of activities, namely:

  • business plan start-up competition; and
  • expo and bazaar

The initial series of Pop Up Market is the Business Plan Start-Up Competition. ABEST will conduct a business plan start-up competition with student participants from various tertiary institutions in Indonesia. This competition is a show of self-help for students of IPB Business School, especially the management of ABEST, to prove their creative ideas from the results of learning and mentoring while at ABEST and IPB Business School related to business ideas and their development. In addition, the business plan startup competition is held in order to create brand awareness of the Pop Up Market so that it can be known by many people and the community also gets feedback from this activity.

ABEST will hold a top event, Pop Up Market with expo and bazaar events and the announcement of the competition winner. Expo and bazaar are held as a form of direct learning in order to be able to apply the knowledge of business owned and the development of soft skills and entrepreneurial spirit in tenant fillers. Some examples of soft skills and learning that will be obtained are about how to deal with, communicate, introduce products, and persuade prospective customers from various backgrounds, know how to install attractive product displays, and make product improvements on the advice of customers directly.

Tenant fillers will be prioritized for ABEST administrators and IPB Business School students. The priority obtained by the ABEST management is that each board is guaranteed to get a tenant at the Pop Up Market and rental fees are not permitted. IPB Business School students, in addition to the ABEST management, who want to fill tenants will be charged half the price rented to tenant fillers filled by the general public and students other than IPB Business School students. The percentage of tenants filled by SB IPB students was 65 percent while for the general public and students other than SB IPB as much as 35 percent.