Business Model Optimalization of Market Mechanism through eGroceries and Big Data Analysis

On September 22, 2020, the Head of Management and Business Select (KSMB) Class R63 and R64 received guest speakers from TukangSayur.Co, Mr. Rafael Jeffry Anwar Sani. The speaker explained about “Business model optimization market mechanism E-Groceries & big data analytics”. TukangSayur.Co is a digital E-groceries startup that was founded in 2016. Its dream is to provide solutions for housewives to be able to buy food and household needs efficiently and cost-effectively while empowering traditional market traders throughout the country. Currently, is present in 35 cities in Indonesia.

Groceries are a priority basic need. Traditional markets have a tendency to decline in quantity, while the proportion of foodstuff needs is relatively high, almost 40%. These are some of the reasons for the founding of TukangSayur.Co. TukangSayur.Co has four main components in running its business. The first is data driven consumer demand through pricing, availability, penetration, segmentation, personas, and life cycle values. Second is the demand supply compilation through personal touch and customer relations. The third is data driven demand area/region through product SKU, market share, availability, pricing, supply chain, and health. The fourth is packaging through hygiene, security, routes, and human resources.

Mr. Jeffry shared the journey of’s business which continues to grow organically. The key to success is knowing customers, competitors, and the community, and collaborating with a supportive ecosystem. Until now, has gone through four business phases, namely learn a skill, apply it, share it, and monetize it. Until entering the fifth phase grow it at the same time to remain sustainable. Students are learning and some are inspired to do business in agriculture.