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Managerial Experience of Electricity Business Development in Multinational Companies

At the Kapita Selekta Management and Business (KSMB) Masters Study Program Class E72 on October 10, 2020, presented a speaker Mr. YB Andhi Marjono, PhD who shared his managerial experiences in developing electricity business in multinational companies. Currently, Mr. Andhi is a Business Development Director at Electricite de France, previously he worked at several companies such as Worley Parsons in Jakarta, Schlumberger R&D in Japan, Schlumberger Middle East in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and Adaro Power in Jakarta. He completed his S1 from ITB and S3 from Tokyo University of Electro-communications in Japan in Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems.

Mr. Andhi shared his experiences in various situations by taking into account the strength of his scope, consisting of emotional, relational, execution, and thinking. While working as a physicist engineering in Tokyo for three years, mostly in the laboratory, he emphasized the importance of critical thinking and creativity, especially to think out of the box. From life in the laboratory to the field in the UAE and Saudi Arabia demands strong emotional control and resilience. Cultural differences and field activities that require a good physique have forged him to become a tough figure. When he returned to Japan and became a technical project leader, having to deal with experts from various fields required him to have strong relationship building and collaboration.

Electricite de France (EDF) which is the world’s leading electricity company. This company covers all businesses in the electricity value chain from generation, distribution, energy transmission, and even trading activities. EDF is a producer of renewable electricity in Europe. He is currently at EDF Indonesia and focuses on renewable energy which presents its challenges to further highlight all the strengths of his strength scope.
From these experiences, he gave messages to focus on our strengths, how to continue to hone our strengths. Sometimes we focus more on weaknesses and try to eliminate weaknesses that cause our strengths to become dull.