community value

Nurturing Community Value for Sustainable Social Impact

Kapita Selekta Management and Business (KSMB) Class E72 on 22 September 2020 presented Ms. Aling Nur Naluri who is the founder of Salam Rancage. Salam Rancage began with a desire to provide a direct example to students at the School of Nature, which started from the Garbage Bank. An idea emerged to use paper waste into handicrafts. After going through a long trial period, finally, a quality craft was successfully made so that it could be exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, and others. The choice of export market is true with the hope that there are not many types but large volumes so that empowered mothers can master it well.

Only one woman survived the empowerment of first-year women to make handicrafts. But Bu Aling remains optimistic, what is left will inspire others. After running for about eight years, the mothers who joined Salam Rancage were around 90 people. A long journey by instilling the value of patience, perseverance, and independence.

From handicraft activities, the garden program and the dongko market were developed. The sakebun program is mobilized to plant around houses and yards. Mothers grow a wide variety of vegetables. This program went well and there was an overproduction so that a dongko market was created to sell its produce. At this dongko market, mothers also sell various processed foods. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Salam Rancage produced masks while the dongko market was run online with orders and delivered to the customer’s house. Salam Rancage’s women’s empowerment program is long-term and sustainable. Mothers are expected to have self-confidence and independence