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SB IPB Helds a Press Release : Survey Results for Customer Satisfaction Perumda Tirta Pakuan Bogor

On 18 December 2020, Bogor Agricultural University (SB IPB) Business School together with the Bogor City Perumda Tirta Pakuan held an online press conference for the 2020 Bogor Perumda Tirta Pakuan Customer Satisfaction Survey. On this occasion was attended by the IPB Business School research team Fitriyah Shalihati, SE.MM, Suhendi, SP.MM, M. Bachtiar, STP, MM and Isma Anggareni, SP.MM and attended by the General Director of Perumda Tirta Pakuan Bogor Rino Indira and the management team of Perumda Tirta Pakuan Bogor. The event was opened directly by the Deputy Dean of Resources, Cooperation and Development of SB-IPB Dr. Nimmi Zulbairnarni, MSi.

The presentation of the results of the study was delivered by Fitriyah Shalihati, This presentation explained that Perumda Tirta Pakuan Bogor  is a Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD) owned by the City of Bogor which is engaged in clean water services for the people of Bogor. Perumda Tirta Pakuan should conduct an important evaluation to improve performance improvements. To Continuously improve the performance of its products and services, Perumda Tirta Pakuan conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) every year. High customer satisfaction will increase positive performance for Perumda Tirta Pakuan and loyalty for customers.

The customer satisfaction survey of Perumda Tirta Pakuan Kota Bogor in 2020 is generally intended to obtain a basis for consideration and reference in planning and decision-making aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. Evaluation and input from customers are expected to provide an overview of the needs of the people in Bogor for Perumda Tirta Pakuan Bogor City services. The objectives of the Customer Satisfaction Survey which will be carried out in 2020 are: 1) Profiling / identifying the characteristics and behavior of Perumda Tirta Pakuan customers; 2) Knowing the customer assessment of the service performance of Perumda Tirta Pakuan products in 2020; 3) Knowing the customer assessment of the service performance of Perumda Tirta Pakuan in 2020; 4) Provide input and recommendations to improve the service performance of Perumda Tirta Pakuan in the new normal era so that the level of customer satisfaction increases.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic will hit hard all business processes and change consumer or customer habits. Not only Perumda Tirta Pakuan has to adapt, but also customers due to this pandemic changing consumer behavior, namely 1) a stay at home lifestyle where all activities are carried out at home (working-living-playing) due to social distancing, 2) changing needs which returns to the bottom of the pyramid where when referring to Maslow’s pyramid, customers have now shifted their needs from the “top of the pyramid”, namely self-actualization and esteem to the “base of the pyramid”, namely food, health and safety of body and soul, 3) with the presence of COVID-19 customers avoid human physical contact, they switch to using virtual / digital media, and 4) the large number of casualties due to COVID-19 has created a new society full of empathy, compassion, and full of social solidarity (Yuswohady, 2020).

Based on the research method used, the selected respondents are the result of sampling carried out with a respondent clustering system using the Cluster Stratified and Systematical Unproporsional Sampling (CSUS) technique with 17 tariff groups matrixed with six sampling flow zones, totaling 964 (nine hundred and sixty four) respondents. The data processing and analysis methods used in this study are qualitative and quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis was conducted descriptively which was used to analyze customer characteristics. Quantitative analysis is used to evaluate the performance and level of importance of program attributes for respondents using the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) analysis. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) or Customer Satisfaction Index (IKP) is used to measure the level of customer satisfaction with Perumda Tirta Pakuan. CSI reflects the overall level of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the level of importance and value of consumer performance on the attributes of the product or service used by consumers. Importance performance analysis (IPA) is a model used to analyze the extent of customer satisfaction. The level of performance and importance that is measured can determine the level of the customer satisfaction index for products and services.

Results of the Perumda Tirta Pakuan Kota Customer Satisfaction Survey :

• The Customer Satisfaction Index (IKP) for product services has a value of 73% and is included in the PUAS category.

• IKP for services has a value of 70% and is included in the PUAS category.

The highest product service IKP is 78%, which is in the satisfied category, is in Zone 2, while the lowest product service IKP is in the quite satisfied category at 62% and is in Zone 6.The highest service IKP is 70% which is in the satisfied category and is in Zone 4, while the lowest service IKP and is in the quite satisfied category is 62% and is in Zone 5 and Zone 6.

In general, Perumda Tirta Pakuan customers already feel SATISFIED with the service performance of the products and services offered. However, there are still things that must be followed up immediately so that the performance can improve in the following year. In product service, there are three elements that become the main priority in improving the performance of product services including elements of water flow quality during the dry season, elements of water quality during the rainy season, and elements of water quality related to clarity.

Meanwhile, in services, there are four priority elements including the element of complaint resolution, the element of justice in getting service, the element of ability social media and website admin officers, as well as elements of dispute resolution with customers.

The recommendations provided include general recommendations, product recommendations and service recommendations.

1. General recommendations include:

• Focusing on the elements contained in quadrant IV & paying more attention to elements that shift from quadrant I to quadrant IV.

• The efficiency of existing resources in elements shifting from quadrant I to quadrant II

• Required customer satisfaction surveys that are more detailed on the indicators of value (not good) and repeat from year to year

• Conduct regular surveys to understand change of consumer behavior (Mega Shift Consumer Behavior).

2. Product service recommendations include:

• Conducting more intensive field checks with the new normal approach

• Increase water resources in terms of quantity and quality

• Improve water drainage and distribution systems

• Ensure continuity of supply of water resources (especially now that consumers are more often at home)

• Improve the supervisory function on aspects that are of greater concern to customers.

3. Service recommendations include:

• Identify and maximize communication networks (digitization of communication media, systems and flow of web applications, applications, and social media)

• Providing training to human resources, especially related to increasing skills in the use of social media and social media-based call centers

• Provide early warning of disruptions

• Developing a Perumda Tirta Pakuan information and communication system

• Providing new normal services (shifting consumer behavior).

The last session was filled with discussions and questions and answers between the invitees and the media guided by the moderator.